Terms & Conditions

important information is listed below

This “Site Use Contract” together with the "Guidelines for Use of The Schuyler" comprise all of the terms of the agreement between the parties, Contracting Party (also referred to as “you” or “your” herein) and. It is understood and agreed that all applicable laws and regulations and all policies and procedures set forth in this contract, including the "Conditions Governing the Use of The Schuyler” and the "Guidelines for Use of The Schuyler" must be followed by the Contracting Party and guests of the Contracting Party. The Parties agree that the Contracting Party or any of its guests’ failure to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and the policies and procedures set forth in the agreement between the parties are grounds for either or both event cancellation or forfeiture of any and all fees paid to The Schuyler.

In addition to the applicable laws and guidelines noted in this paragraph, the following provisions apply to this event:

1. Promotional advertising may not take place until the contract has been approved and the deposit received.

2. The Contracting Party and its guests shall follow the lawful orders and requests of all security guards assigned to the event. Any failure to follow such orders or requests will result in removal from the event.

3. The Contracting Party acknowledges and agrees that the Washington, DC Police Department and the Event Manager reserves the right to terminate the event if guests are engaging in conduct deemed to jeopardize the safety and security of the event. If such a determination is made (i) The event will terminate immediately; (ii) The client will assist law enforcement personnel in ensuring that guests are orderly dismissed; (iii) fees collected by The Schuyler, will be retained.